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Box 1996 Plot 444 De Kroon Brits (North West)
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Our Story

Wasb Fencing is a family business. With a borrowed bakkie, a bit of pension money saved up and eagerness, that has never ceased, we opened our business in 1982. We started small, Sollie welding poles at night and at 7 in morning, he and only 3 workers started with a pick, spade, and wire-puller.

After 36 years, the scenario changed slightly, but our hearts are still in the same place. Rudie joined our team 16 years ago. Rudie uses his construction knowledge throughout our business. Our staff has increased to between 50-60 staff members, depending on contracts. Two of our workers have been with us for 36 years. We run our office from our plot where we have been living for 37 years.

Running the office, we have 3 ladies, Sollie and Rudie. We also have 3 technicians for all the electronic, electrical work and maintenance. All our staff members are well trained and are attending courses regularly to improve their knowledge and skills, a requirement of various mines.

Where we started at regular security and farm fencing, we have now expanded into all areas of property security, including electric gates, cameras, barbed wire, unrest control, Palisades, wildlife fencing electric fencing.

Ask and we can produce it. We started out in Brits and the surrounding areas, but contracts sent us throughout the country. With Rudie’s construction knowledge, we also built various houses, walls, warehouses and extensions. Clients become valued friends that eventually feel like family!

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+27 (0) 82 829 5798